Hub and Spoke Subscription


Your path to bicycle tourism success


For destinations wanting a helping hand and the benefit and insights of trusted industry experts behind them


We’re here to help.



1. An analysis of your destination

Our bicycle tourism experts help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and barriers to capturing your share of the global USD$100 billion bicycle tourism industry.

We do this via our self-assessment diagnostic tool, direct communication with you via email and teleconference, and a recommendation report which provides clearly identifiable and easily implementable actions over 3-6-12 months and beyond. We provide support to give you the confidence you need to generate momentum and traction

2. Training materials for local businesses

We roll out the world’s leading bicycle tourism training and educational program for new and existing businesses – small to medium sized – giving them the knowledge and tools to attract bicycle tourists to your destination and through their front doors.

Your local businesses receive free access to list their business, transact online and have their business linked to curated rides in your destination.



Further to listings, businesses who also choose to partner with us receive access to:

  • offer special deals and discounts for local and visiting cyclists;
  • industry insights and latest news to stay at the front of the game;
  • our bicycle friendly checklist and recommendation report;
  • special recognition as a CycleLifeHQ bicycle tourism business – online and shopfront window sticker; and
  • join a community of like-minded business for knowledge sharing and advice.

3. Cycling experience resources

We provide you with a reference guide which equips you and your team with everything you need to:

  • identify and curate amazing cycling experiences for your region. This includes mountain biking trails, road and gravel cycling routes, rail trails, sightseeing tours, bike-packing journeys and cycling events; and
  • seek and engage a local Ambassador or bike club to work with you to develop this content on your behalf.  

We provide QA across any material created for your destination by local Ambassadors or bicycle clubs, as well as for local businesses.

Our reference guide also enables you to create and list your destination’s local attractions and points of interest on the CycleLifeHQ platform.

The CycleLifeHQ platform: 

Putting your destination on the world’s bicycle tourism map.

We create an engaging destination landing page on our bicycle tourism platform where we host all your cycling information. This is the jewel in the crown of what we do.

Your destination map on this platform clearly shows the geographical relationship between ride routes and local businesses. We make it easy for would-be cyclists to find bicycle friendly places to stay, places to eat and drink, to rent a bike, book a tour, other attractions to visit and see in your destination, and more.

We make sure these collated listings capture the essence of your destination, and offers visiting cyclists THE BEST experience they can possibly have.

Linked to all of this are our mobile app, downloadable GPX files, digital wayfinding and more.

Uploading content for you – For a fee of $150 per ride, we can create a ride listing and upload the content for you. Through this model, you provide us with the digital photography (min 600x400 pixels and maximum 5MG), general ride route and description, and we take care of the rest.

Embed Codes and API – Once your local cycling experiences are complete and uploaded to the CycleLifeHQ platform, you receive full access to embed curated rides back into your destination’s digital marketing assets via either simple embed codes or our RESTFul API.

Special Recognition on the CycleLifeHQ platform as a Partner Destination – We provide recognition for you to stand out from other destinations on the CycleLifeHQ platform. We increase your presence on CycleLifeHQ compared to other destinations.

4. Digital and print marketing tools

We provide you with our suite of digital marketing tools to help you promote your destination’s bicycle tourism experiences, and your partnership with CycleLifeHQ. This not only attracts more bicycle tourists, but also demonstrates to your stakeholders that you are investing in local businesses and economic development.

Our marketing materials include assets such as branding, media releases, social media releases, templates for physical ride postcards and more.

We also provide you with direct access to our growing audience of enthusiastic cyclists and travelers across the globe through our broad outreach and communication channels.

*It is a requirement of our Hub and Spoke Subscription that you agree to undertake a joint marketing campaign with us using these – or other, jointly agreed – materials.

5. Multi-day itinerary resources

We provide guidance and industry insights to assist you to develop multi-day experiences tailored specifically to the needs of cycling audiences; and based on the unique experiences of your destination.


These five actions will help you to:

  • access a broad audience reach of niche bicycle tourists;
  • provide a fresh angle to inspire and achieve increased bicycle tourist visitation; and
  • improve revenue direct to local businesses – bicycle tourism is more than just cycling alone. It’s a culmination of the destination’s sum of whole parts, including local produce, attractions, and the key stories and narratives that tie together the region’s unique character for an unforgettable cycling experience.


We offer our Hub and Spoke Subscription for $10,000 p/year.

For destinations who subscribe for three years, we offer a 10% discount, bringing the total price for three years to $27,000. This model provides access to:

  • 12 month re-assessment and recommendation reports;
  • refreshed marketing angles and tools; and
  • ongoing support and industry resources.



  • That’s us. We’re your hub!