You have a unique bicycle tourism destination.

CycleLifeHQ helps you realize your world-class potential and connect cyclists to your offerings.

Making your destination world-class

Your success starts with recognizing your destination’s unique offerings and tailoring a comprehensive approach that addresses strategy, product and marketing. CycleLifeHQ makes that process quick, cost-effective and seamless.

Attracting and marketing to a domestic and international audience, CycleLifeHQ provides everything riders need to research, plan and book their next cycling experience with you.

Our comprehensive web, and mobile and app solution makes it easy for visitors to find your rides, access digital wayfinding and downloadable maps, and – most importantly – actively connect those rides to your businesses to generate more visitors and more business.

Our fully secure, hosted and responsive solution works seamlessly with your existing web presence. We have a full range of options including ensuring that the content is fully branded the way you want it.

Bicycle tourism 4 step planWith a minimal investment, our tools and resources can transform your reach and results in just four to eight weeks. Our approach is all about your needs and works through a strategic, four-step approach that:

    1. Establishes your cycling destination
    1. Engages with a niche cycling audience to market your destination
    1. Expands your current bicycle tourism opportunities to generate ongoing and renewed interest
  1. Optimizes your bicycle tourism experiences for longer stays and greater spending

Our 4-Step Approach


We help you establish what is unique about your bicycle tourism product and how to effectively entice visitors.

    • Destination Bicycle Tourism Assessment: We utilize our proven tools and the insights gained from more than 150 cycle tourism destinations to quickly identify your goals and how to meet them.
    • Stakeholder engagement and awareness: We leverage and listen to your key stakeholders to ensure our assessment is accurate and aspirational.
  • Tailored bicycle tourism strategy and roadmap: We produce a strategy and roadmap to provide readily implementable recommendations and clear actions to optimize your investment.


We make it easy for visitors to find and engage with your bicycle tourism product.

    • One-stop-shop global cycle tourism marketplace: Our global cycle tourism marketplace provides a fully integrated and highly engaging user experience.
    • Destination landing page: We develop a compelling story and narrative to drive interest for both inbound and local consumers to your destination.
    • Ride and business listings: We collaboratively design and digitize key sightseeing routes into accessible rides, highlighting points of interest, events, services and resources. The platform also includes a marketplace that enables local business listings for visitors to buy their services. (Visitors can access this information through your existing website, as well as across mobile and an app.)
  • Comprehensive marketing campaign: We then curate a comprehensive marketing campaign that showcases and boosts your brand, making it easier for bicycle tourists to research, find and book their experience.
  • Online and printed materials: CycleLifeHQ provides assistance in promoting and marketing your destination through social media channels, as well as the creation of online and printed materials.


With the rapid evolution of bicycle tourism, it is imperative that local communities and businesses understand shifting demands and emerging opportunities — and expand the range and quality of products and services to enhance visitor experience.

  • Awareness, education and training: To cultivate local business development, we provide online and face-to-face training to build capacity to offer new and enhanced products and services.
  • Bicycle Friendly Community certification: We provide guidance and assistance in achieving Bicycle Friendly Community status, which is recognized nationwide as a key indicator of cycling comfort and accessibility.
  • Profit-share model: Our marketplace has a revenue stream that keeps more money locally through a profit-share model.


Once you’re established and successful, we optimize your bicycle tourism experiences to boost your results.

    • Package itineraries: We design and implement curated itineraries, including a visiting friends and relatives program.
    • Targeted marketing campaigns: In conjunction with your marketing team, we design and deliver a range of bicycle tourism campaigns to drive growth.
  • Search engine optimization: Data and insights from our digital footprint and your tourism bureau will expand your offer out to more visitors, spending more and staying longer.

Making it happen, together

We operate under flexible partnership models to meet your needs.


    • CycleLifeHQ establishes, develops and manages some or all aspects of your presence for a fee-for-service
    • We mobilize a local team to capture and curate rides and work with local businesses to drive participation
    • Our online marketers actively promote your destination through social media channels and editorial content
  • We provide additional resources to build, maintain, and boost your presence


    • You populate and manage your destination and listings
    • No establishment or maintenance fees
  • CycleLifeHQ retains all fees collected through the platform

What our clients are saying

“Working with CycleLifeHQ has been fantastic! They truly understand what makes a great cycling destination and have allowed us to take a more holistic approach to improving our bike tourism promotion. Their platform allows us to present our cycling assets in a more dynamic and meaningful way, while also providing a comprehensive set of tools that will allow us to engage both visitors and locals like we never have before.”

– Lee McLaughlin, Senior Director of Marketing, Visit Tucson

For us, bicycle tourism is really about ‘hospitality’ – it’s important that cycle tourists are made to feel welcome. We achieve this through the personal interactions cycle tourists have with the local community and businesses, and also through the CycleLifeHQ platform. Because this offers a centralized one-stop-shop, businesses, services and facilities are no longer disparate. They are connected and coherent, welcoming cyclist tourists through a coordinated approach that makes it really easy for them to find information and to know what to do and what to expect in Newport’.  – Bari Freeman, Executive Director, Bike Newport