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You’ve heard of this bicycle tourism phenomenon that’s sweeping the world and you want to better understand what it can mean for your destination. You want to know:

  • Has your destination got what it takes to offer great cycling experiences?
  • What needs to be done to make it better?
  • What differentiates you from the many other bicycle tourism destinations popping up everywhere?
  • How to create your own unique value proposition and brand?
  • How you can train or upskill local businesses to provide what cyclists need?
  • How you can better market and promote your destination?

Are you concerned that your local economy needs a fresh injection of activity and not sure how to do it?

Are you frustrated that State and Federal funding always seems to bypass your destination or that bicycle tourism just doesn’t seem to be a priority; despite your knowledge of the benefits it can reap?

Are you frustrated at how long it can take and how much it can cost to develop and market content to promote your destination within your existing channels and platforms?

Are you tired of seeing other destinations jump at bicycle tourism opportunities that you’re unable to harness and idly watch pass-by?

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We’re here to help

We work with clients across the world to determine what you’ve got to offer would-be cycling visitors and what you need to do to attract more.

We visit your destination, or work with a qualified local Ambassador, to spend time talking with you and with your key stakeholders to understand your vision and aspirations, challenges and frustrations; and to explore and discover your cycling experiences and supporting facilities first-hand.

We then provide you with a roadmap to success for developing bicycle tourism experiences and opportunities to place you front and centre of people’s mind in selecting their next cycling holiday. We make sure you have recommendations that are easy to implement, requiring little to no funding, for some quick wins; as well as longer term solutions over 12 months and beyond.

This approach provides you with an immediate avenue to attract more bicycle tourists from which you’ll start to see growth in visitor numbers that you can present to politicians and decision-makers to demonstrate the benefits of bicycle tourism for the local economy; to drive further growth and future possibilities.

We then provide you with the platform from which to list and promote your destination to would-be cyclists. We work with you, your stakeholders and local businesses to create accurate, quality, meaningful and inspiring content which we then help promote to would-be bicycle tourists.

And we work with you to create multi-day itinerary packages so that these cyclists know exactly what activities and rides they can do, staying longer in your destination and spending more than they otherwise might have done.

We do all of this through our CycleLifeHQ $10,000 bicycle tourism service package; less a 10% discount if you register for recurring assessment and identification over three years.

Why us?

We are the only digital resource that provides a destination-based approach with all the information in one place for everything a person needs to research, plan and book their next cycling vacation: where to ride; where to stay, eat and drink; where to hire a bike; guided tours; events, key attractions and more.

We carefully curate all listings before they’re linked to a destination landing page to ensure quality content, and to ensure there’s no duplication.

We take a holistic approach to the overall experience, beyond just the ride itself. We bring together a full range of experiences, including food and wine; culture and the arts; outdoor and nature-based experiences; events; and other key attractions. In this way, we provide information for cyclists, and also for other members of their traveling party who may not be keen cyclists; and for time ‘out of the saddle’ for cyclists.

We make it easy for visitors to find you, to access digital way-finding and trail maps, and to actively connect these with local businesses through an interactive web, mobile and app solution. Our technology is fully secure, hosted and responsive, integrating seamlessly with your existing web presence, and ensuring the material is branded the way you want it.

We are quickly developing a sound reputation as the single source of truth and “go-to” for bicycle tourists looking to plan and book their next holiday.

If you’re an aspiring bicycle tourism destination, we’d suggest you can’t afford not to be profiled on our platform.

Key outcomes

Clients we work with achieve the following:

  • A greater number of cyclists visiting their destination for the specific purpose of cycling (statistics very considerably depending on the destination);
  • Existing visitors staying longer to experience more of the place by bicycle;
  • Enhanced economic activity – research shows that bicycle tourists spend more, on average, than other visitors and are more likely to support quality, local businesses than large franchises; with money staying in the region;
  • Become widely known, recognised and talked-about as a great cycling destination.

 Case studies

Here are a few destinations with whom we have worked closely in recent years to successfully boost their bicycle tourism industry:

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