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For destinations wanting exclusive access to, and detailed support from, the world’s bicycle tourism experts

We’re here to help.


Our consulting practice:

We provide a highly detailed and fully customized consulting service for destinations wanting to place their bicycle tourism future in the hands of those who live and breathe it.

We are cyclists through and through and we’re professional industry experts. We bring years of experience, user-perspective, industry insights and knowledge to guarantee your path to success.

We know what cyclists want. We know how local businesses can better position themselves to provide for them. And we know what you can do as local Government to make it all come together.

We’ve been there and done it all before. But never with a destination quite like yours. That’s what keeps it cost-effective for you, and exciting for us.

Our delivery guarantee:

strategy-icon-tourism-cyclelifehqEngaging us as your trusted bicycle tourism consultants provides you with expertise, peace of mind and reassurance on your path to success.

We provide a full swathe of consulting services and help you navigate and articulate the minefield of industry benefits, economic analyses, business cases, conflict resolution and negotiation, marketing and more to make sure that you succeed in your vision and aspiration for your destination’s bicycle tourism future.

Benefits of engaging CycleLifeHQ are that we:

  • discover firsthand the opportunities and constraints of your destination, with our lens of many years’ personal and professional experience and insights – the ride routes, your most bicycle friendly local businesses, the cycling environment and culture, supporting facilities, infrastructure and services, and the range of other opportunities, attractions and points of interest that will add to a cyclist’s experience of your region;
  • bring a fresh set of eyes and an external/objective perspective from which to identify and assess cycling experiences for your destination;
  • facilitate stakeholder and community workshops on your behalf; and
  • create and curate exceptional multi-day itinerary packages for cyclists to stay longer and spend more in your region.

We will utilize our team’s skills and capabilities to work with you to achieve your stated objectives.

1. Assessment and strategic planning

We work with you to identify where you are today, where you want to be and how to get there. We start by listening: to you and your stakeholders.

Then we provide the resources and insights you need to execute your strategy and bring your dream to fruition. We make sure it’s realistic and feasible. We bring extensive industry experience and insight to your bicycle tourism strategy. We help you to understand existing opportunities, leverage low-hanging fruit; and paint a path into the future for longer-term aspirations.

2. Feasibility studies

We bring extensive expertise in economic analysis to assess and determine the feasibility of your destination’s bicycle tourism opportunities. Our capabilities in this area are particularly useful if your destination is considering a significant new investment for a mountain bike path, new bicycle transport infrastructure, a rail trail, new bicycle facilities or other large-scale capital works projects.

3. Stakeholder engagement

We facilitate stakeholder and community consultation to obtain 360-degree input into the development and enhancement of your bicycle tourism opportunities. We do this either in person during our site visit and/or via webinar/teleconference.

Key stakeholders for bicycle tourism initiatives often include local business owners, Chambers of Commerce and Business, local bicycle clubs, landowners/managers and others.

Our involvement in this process can be particularly valuable where you are at the start of your journey and require external expertise to help provide an understanding of the significant economic and other benefits bicycle tourism can bring to your local community and/or where you know you may face opposition from some sectors.

Our involvement can also be helpful in demonstrating your local Government Authority’s commitment to develop bicycle tourism in your region.

4. Business training

We work with your local businesses to help them better understand how they can position themselves to attract more bicycle tourists. Often, this can be done at a very low cost and with minimal intervention. We conduct local business workshops and provide ongoing support to your participating local businesses.

Participating local businesses receive free access to list their businesses, transact online and have their businesses linked to curated rides in your destination.

Further to listings, businesses who also choose to partner with us receive access to: 

  • offer special deals and discounts for local and visiting cyclists;
  • industry insights and latest news to stay at the front of the game;
  • our bicycle friendly checklist and recommendation report;
  • special recognition as a CycleLifeHQ bicycle tourism business – online and shopfront window sticker; and
  • join a community of like-minded business for knowledge sharing and advice.

5. Content curation

Our professional and personal expertise as cyclists of all shape, type and variety provides us with insights to accurately identify appropriate ride routes for your bicycle tourism audience. We take into account your destination’s unique narrative and point of difference, together with the likely demographics, skills, fitness level and interests of visiting cyclists.

We also know what it takes to make a welcoming and bicycle friendly cafe, accommodation or other service provider. We make sure these are linked to ride routes so it’s easy for visitors to research and plan their vacation to your region.

We also know they types of things that bicycle tourists will share to their social media feeds, providing you with free marketing through the best form possible – word of mouth.

The content we create and curate for you includes:

  • ride routes (mountain biking, road riding, gravel grinding, bike-packing and sightseeing)
  • places to stay
  • places to eat and drink
  • places to rent a bike
  • guided tours
  • key attractions and points of interest
  • cycling and other events.

We also paint a compelling reason for would-be cyclists to visit your destination, embracing the experience, lifestyle and culture.

We link all of this information on our CycleLifeHQ one-stop-shop bicycle tourism platform with a destination landing page and map clearly indicating the geographical links between rides and local businesses. 

Our ride listings include:

  • Detailed route/trail descriptions including guidance notes and instructions
  • GPX map of the trail
  • Assessment of the trail or route difficulty and other attributes
  • quality photos and/or quality video including drone footage.

Linked to all of this are our mobile app, downloadable GPX files, digital wayfinding and more.

We ensure that local businesses are engaged in this process, and that reference is made on any ride listing to participating businesses on the route. If needed, we realign routes as necessary to ensure inclusion of local businesses.

In addition, we work with you to identify multi-day itinerary packages to ensure longer stay and greater spend in your destination. These packages incorporate the best of your destination’s experiences, combining rides with places to stay, places to eat and drink, and other key local attractions and points of interest. We ensure that these packages also cater for parties of multiple interests, so there’s something for everyone.

6. Digital and print marketing

We work with you to design and implement a dedicated and strategic marketing campaign across both digital and print media. We utilize our niche cycling audience to get your destination known to those who are seeking their next cycling experience.

In addition, we also provide you with our suite of digital marketing tools to help you promote your destination’s bicycle tourism experiences, and your partnership with CycleLifeHQ. This not only attracts more bicycle tourists, but also demonstrates to your stakeholders that you are investing in local businesses and economic development.

Our marketing materials include assets such as branding, media releases, social media releases, templates for physical ride postcards and more.

*It is a requirement of our Bespoke Consulting Services that you agree to undertake a joint marketing campaign with us using these – or other, jointly agreed – materials.

We also provide you with direct access to our growing audience of enthusiastic cyclists and travelers across the globe through our broad outreach and communication channels.


These six actions will help you to:

  • relax, knowing that all your bicycle tourism needs are being taken care of and are in safe hands;
  • engage effectively with local business and stakeholders;
  • revitalize your local economy and community; and
  • become widely recognized and known as a cycling destination.



Because our consulting services are bespoke, our costs vary, depending on your unique needs and aspirations.

Contact us today to find out more.



  • While we tailor any of our work to suit our client’s needs, our consulting services offer detailed assistance.