Bicycle Friendly Community Program – Initial Assessment


A Bicycle Friendly Community welcomes cyclists by providing safe accommodations for cycling and encouraging people to ride for transportation and recreation. Making cycling safe and convenient are keys to improving individual and public health, reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality and improving quality of life. The application and assessment process provides guidance to help make your community’s vision for a better, more bikeable community a reality.




1. Self assessment diagnostic

The assessment is completed by you and your team within your community. The assessment is completed online and consists of a lengthy diagnostic tool. You will not be able to complete the diagnostic tool in a single session. You are able to save the diagnostic and return at any time to continue until you are complete and ready to submit.

The assessment will take around 38 FTE hours including input from all relevant departments within your local Government and other organisations. It is the comprehensive and thorough nature of this process which gives the program its credibility, value and robustness.

2. CyclelifeHQ validates your submission

We take your self assessment diagnostic and validate the information you have provided. We do this through independent checks with local advocacy groups and other community representatives and we involve you throughout this process.

3. CycleLifeHQ awards your BFC level

We produce you BFC certification report and award you with the level best representing your communities’ level of bicycle friendliness. You get a chance to review this and correct anything that you believe you submitted incorrectly.

4. Tell the world!!

Once we both agree on the assessment outcome we will publish your award level on this website and your rank alongside other communities. You are then free to announce your certification through social media and other media channels…you deserve it!

5. Reassess every 2 years

Your initial assessment is valid for 2 years. You are then required to reassess  your level of certification every 2 years thereafter to continue to use the BFC program branding, copyright and other intellectual property elements. To re-certify you will complete the same process in steps 1 – 4 above. But it will be quicker the second time 🙂


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