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How it works


Once you click through to begin the self-diagnostic survey, you’ll be asked a number of questions to help determine if your destination or location is ready to attract wealthy bicycle tourists from around the world. It’s completely free!


What you’ll get


We’re here to help. Our team has your back. We can talk you through your results and discuss how you can attract larger numbers of high paying bicycle tourists to your destination.


You’ll find out exactly how prepared your destination is for bicycle tourism and what you can do for next steps.

Ideas and inspiration

Throughout this free self-diagnostic, you’ll begin to get ideas and inspiration around what your destination can and should be doing right now to attract more bicycle tourists. We’ll share further insights on completion of your self-diagnostic too.

Free benchmark report

By completing the diagnostic tool, you’ll receive a benchmark report and will be eligible for a free consult with one of our bicycle tourism experts.

Who’s it for?

Destination marketing professionals

If you’re in charge of attracting tourists and overnight visitors to your region to help directly impact your local economy, then this self-diagnostic tool is for you.

Economic development agencies

Any government or private agency whose main mission is to increase local economic revenue, won’t want to miss this opportunity.

About us

We’re a team of passionate, knowledgeable and committed bicycle tourism experts, economists and cyclists. We work directly with destination marketing officers, chambers of business and commerce, government agencies and others who wish to grow their local economy through bicycle tourism.

We’re experts in developing strategies that attract the hungry cycle tourism market to your destination or location. We also provide strategic direction and support to local businesses and organisations to help them captialise on this growing market.

In addition to our professional industry services, we provide a digital resource for cycling experiences: We connect cyclists with the world’s best cycling destinations and local businesses, and use this platform to market your destination globally to a direct niche cycling audience looking for their next bicycle adventure.

We offer services in bicycle tourism assessment, strategic planning, feasibility studies, marketing, business training and content curation.

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What others say

bicycle tourism testimonial CycleLifeHQ Tucson Ariuzona“Working with CycleLifeHQ has been fantastic! They truly understand what makes a great cycling destination and have allowed us to take a more holistic approach to improving our bike tourism promotion. Their platform allows us to present our cycling assets in a more dynamic and meaningful way, while also providing a comprehensive set of tools that will allow us to engage both visitors and locals like we never have before.”

– Lee McLaughlin, Senior Director of Marketing, Visit Tucson

“For us, bicycle tourism is really about ‘hospitality’ – it’s important that cycle tourists are made to feel welcome. We achieve this through the personal interactions cycle tourists have with the local community and businesses, and also through the CycleLifeHQ platform. Because this offers a centralized one-stop-shop, businesses, services and facilities are no longer disparate. They are connected and coherent, welcoming cyclist tourists through a coordinated approach that makes it really easy for them to find information and to know what to do and what to expect in Newport’. 

– Bari Freeman, Executive Director, Bike Newport

“We are in the process of finalising our new website and have been embedding the rides that Cyclelife HQ has
developed for us. These are looking good”.

– Bradd Worrell, Tourism Industry Development Officer, Bendigo Vic