Melissa and Chris Bruntlett, Modacity Vancouver, announced as keynote speakers for upcoming Bicycle Tourism Conference

When CycleLifeHQ brings a bicycle tourism conference and workshop to Bendigo in October this year they will bring with it globally renowned keynote speakers Melissa and Chris Bruntlett from Modacity, Vancouver - made possible through partnership with Bike Bendigo and the City of Greater Bendigo. READ THE MEDIA RELEASE: 20180719 - MediaRelease-CLHQ ModacityBicycle Tourism.docx Melissa and Chris Bruntlett are the co-founders of Modacity; a creative agency using words, photography, and film to inspire happier, healthier and simpler forms of mobility in towns and cities for locals and visitors. Together, they work with a variety of organisations—including municipal governments, transportation agencies, non-profits, and [...]

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Lessons from the world’s best bicycle tourism destinations

In 2016-17, we conducted a global research program covering 145 bicycle tourism destinations, across multi-segments, over 60 site visits and 500 interviews. We wanted to know: What is the size and scope of the bicycle tourism industry? What are the industry’s current conditions? What challenges does the industry have? What are the better practices which lead to success? And what is the path to get there? The bicycle product industry is worth US$33 billion annually. What’s staggering, however, is that the bicycle tourism industry is worth three times more than this. In 2017 the global bicycle tourism industry was worth [...]

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Call for Conference Abstracts: Mobility and adventure through walking and cycling

In October this year, the City of Greater Bendigo, together with CycleLifeHQ and Bike Bendigo, are hosting a jam-packed 6 day program of presenters, professional workshops, activities, events and networking opportunities to discuss all things bicycle tourism and active travel in the Australian and New Zealand contexts. READ THE MEDIA RELEASE: 20180322 Media Release - Call for Abstracts Bicycle Tourism and active travel conference in Bendigo October 2018 The program will commence with a Bicycle Tourism Conference, to be held Friday 26 October, with its central theme: ‘Bicycle Tourism: Transforming Global Communities and Economies’. Preceding this, CycleLifeHQ will facilitate a half-day interactive [...]

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Bendigo becomes Australia’s first Bicycle Friendly Community

Greater Bendigo has become the first community in Australia to become a Bicycle Friendly Community, accredited by CycleLifeHQ. Bendigo's silver award recognises their community engagement and bicycle education, the inclusion of bicycle facilities as part of road infrastructure projects, maintenance of off-road cycling facilities and the integration of bicycle planning with community facilities. 20180320 Press Release Bicycle Friendly Community award status for Bendigo

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Promote your destination

How CycleLifeHQ helps destinations Establish a sustainable local cycling tourism offering We work with, for and on behalf of local government and community stakeholders to design, plan, activate and manage your cycle tourism destination incorporating routes, events, services and partnerships. Gain access and prominence in a global marketplace Through our global marketplace and cycling destination marketing platform, we can showcase everything your destination has to offer to inbound and local customers, boosting your brand awareness and reputation. Attract and convert more and new customers By making easier for customers to search, find and book everything they need to bike your destination, [...]

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