Our Vision:

To make bicycle tourism better for everyone – cyclists, businesses and communities.

Our Mission:

To build the world’s bicycle tourism marketplace.
We do this by bringing together all the destination information in one seamless, integrated platform, making it easy for cyclists to find, plan and book amazing cycling experiences – where to ride, where to stay, eat and drink, where to hire a bike, book a guided tour and more.

Our Platform:

Our technology platform provides bespoke features that make it easy for individuals, businesses, Ambassadors and destination marketing organizations to connect around cycling:

  • Cyclists search by location to find everything in a destination
  • It’s free and easy for businesses to list their services
    • booking integration with Rezdy
    • secure payment through Stripe
  • We offer very cost-competitive professional services to identify, assess and market a destination’s bicycle tourism opportunities
  • Social sharing and public review capabilities
  • Printable, downloadable GPX maps

Our why:

“I used to travel a lot with work and when I went to a new city I wanted to explore the sights and sounds and clear my head.  For me this is not by walking, not by bus and not by car. I wanted to do it by bike. I would hold my wallet open and shout ‘take my money’ but no-one was there.  I’d search for ‘bike rides in X’ and have to do ALL the work myself. Id have to work out the itinerary, I’d have to find a bike, I’d have to find bike friendly businesses.  And yet when I’d talk to bike tourism businesses they’d say ‘where are the customers?” – Co-founder and CEO, Charles Black

We are growing

Our community is working hard to share the best cycling experiences from around the world.

Our goal is to empower expert individuals, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations to list and offer their services directly to community members. From local tour guides to bicycle advocacy groups, this builds relationships and empowers folks from all segments of the cycling industry to chart their own creative and financially independent paths.

We work with destination marketing organizations, local businesses and Ambassadors to create the best profile for your destination, maximizing your bicycle tourism potential.

Take our free self-assessment today to determine your destination’s existing level of bicycle tourism maturity: the opportunities, the challenges, the gaps and barriers. We’ll provide you with a benchmark report and information to help get you started; as well as schedule a time to chat in more detail.

Our Team:

Matthew Ryan
Matthew RyanHead of Digital
Chief Digital Officer and co-founder, Matthew rides mountain bikes and is passionate about technology. Matt is responsible for product development and solving the problems relevant to our destinations, businesses and cyclists.
Charles Black
Charles BlackCEO and Co-Founder
CEO and co-founder, Charles has been riding bikes all of his life. CycleLifeHQ was born out of his belief that the world’s first bicycle tourism one-stop-shop could radically transform the lives of individuals, businesses and communities.
Anna Gurnhill
Anna GurnhillGlobal Operations Manager
Global Operations Manager, Anna is an endurance triathlete who also loves hill climbs and cycle-cations on her roadie. She is responsible for working with destinations to create marketplace content and promote their cycling experiences, and to raise the profile and presence of CycleLifeHQ through quality communication and knowledge development.
Jeff Miller
Jeff MillerVP North America
VP North America, Jeff Miller has been leading organizations to make communities across the country safer and better for biking and walking for many years. Jeff leads our North American business helping destinations and local businesses use CycleLifeHQ to integrate cycle tourism in their community.
Phil Latz
Phil LatzSpecialist Advisor
Specialist advisor to the CycleLifeHQ team, Phil has been involved in the cycle industry all his life. Phil has co-founded and grown bicycling australia magazine and other related media assets. He has also created and published a series of Where to Ride guide books. Phil provides his deep experience and expertise to the team around cycling and cycle tourism.