Helping you tap into the $100 Billion bicycle travel and tourism industry
Helping you tap into the $100 Billion bicycle travel and tourism industry

Who we are

CycleLifeHQ is an online destination marketing platform with support services that enable you to plan, build and maximise your cycling tourism potential.  We provide products and services to local governments, businesses, and cycle advocacy groups worldwide, to plan, build and maximise your cycling toursim economic potential.

We are an economic development firm at heart. We work with local governments to accelerate the virtuous cycle related to the bike tourism ecosystem.

Cycle tourism ecosystem
Cycle tourism ecosystem

Our Objective

Our objective is to help local communities and governments realise its bicycle travel and tourism potential:

  1. Establish your community as a bicycling destination.  Working with local government agencies, CVBs, DMOs and stakeholders, we’ll help plan, design, activate and manage your bicycle tourism offering
  2. Gain access and prominence in a global marketplace.  Through our global marketplace and destination marketing platform, we can showcase all your community has to offer bicycle tourists, boosting your brand and getting more heads in beds
  3. Attract and convert more and new customers.  We provide local businesses with better reach to new and return customers by making it easier for bicycle travellers and tourists to search find and book everything they need
  4. Create new revenue stream.  Our marketplace keeps more money locally and has a profit-share model

‘As repeat clients , the Active Travel Office loves working with CycleLifeHQ because they are responsive, innovative and creative. Even more importantly, the engagement and reach which CycleLifeHQ is able to achieve through their online platform is far greater and more diverse than we could ever achieve through our own Government channels.’

Anna Gurnhill, Coordinator, Active Travel Office, ACT Government

How we help your destination be world class

1. Take Stock – Assess Strengths and Needs

  • Research motivators, barriers and potential for cycling in your community
  • CycleLifeHQ knows the best practices of 150 of the worlds best biking destinations and have the tools to help destinations maximize their potential for bicycle travel and tourism

2. Chart the trails – Cycle Tourism Trail Mapping and Digitisation Services.

  • Collaborative design and digitize key sight-seeing routes into accessible journeys showcasing points of interest, events, services and resources that build traction
  • CycleLifeHQ provides immediate access to technology that allows you to quickly digitize your information in mobile friendly way

3. Connect local businesses – Cycle Toursim Digital Platform

  • Provide instant facility bookings to make it easier and faster for customers, service providers and retailers
  • Connect services and businesses with routes so visitors can make the most of their time with you and spend more money
  • Workshops to maximize coordination & leverage

We work with destinations to define these based on a shortlist we prepare with the destination. For these rides, CycleLifeHQ would.

4. Tell the Story – Cycle Tourism Marketing Services

  • Develop a compelling story for bicyclists to create interest and conversion
  • CycleLifeHQ has dedicated marketing staff, tools and tech to help you promote and market your destination through social media and other channels

5. Cycle Tourism Best Practice Toolkit

We have captured the best practices from hundreds of destinations across the world., Insights and advice you can trust. After reviewing hundreds of cycle tourism destinations across the world, we’ve developed a unique view into what works when it comes to cycle tourism.

You will shortly be able to use our online tool to improve your cycle tourism product, to increase the number and value of visitors, help local businesses and create more jobs.

Our online best practce toolkit covers the following topics

  • Structure of the Cycle Tourism Industry
  • Cycle Toursim Capability Defintions
  • Cycle Toursim Capability Assessment Framework
  • Templates
  • Guidance and Methods
  • Case Studies
  • Examples

Making it Happen – Together

We operate under 3 flexible partnership models, including options for profit-sharing with a percentage of revenue returned to your community.

1. Managed

  • CycleLifeHQ establishes, develops and manages all aspects of your presence for a fee-for-service
  • We mobilize a local team to capture and curate rides and work with local businesses to drive participation and share revenue
  • Our online marketers then actively promote your destination through social media channels and editorial content

 2. Co-venture

  • Work together as a team
  • We provide additional resources as needed to build, maintain, and boost your presence
  • Priced based on your needs
  • Revenue shared

3. Self-managed

  • You populate and manage your destination and listings
  • No establishment or maintenance fees
  • We retain all fees collected through the platform